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A77379-1 Letter deadline extension June 5, 16 - A5C4T0   Date: 2016-06-05
Josette Wier

Enbridge is trying to get the last drop from the NEB as a captive “regulator” whose Board is shockingly hugely biased towards industry. After 3 yrs of so called “public” consultation with the JRP, I ...
Letter of Comment - A4S5X7   Date: 2015-08-18
Rory Wallace, PhD

I make my recommendation with a. my direct experience and expertise in the affected area b. my reservations about the present NEB process, c. an overview of Vancouver marine oil spills that I have per...
Letter of Comment - A4S4I5   Date: 2015-08-18
Anna Borojevic

The purpose of this letter of comment is to express my adamant opposition to the proposed project. Beyond daily delays brought on by infrastructure expansion, even once the bitumen starts to flow, un...
Letter of Comment - A4S3U6   Date: 2015-08-17
Cindy Conarroe

I’ve struggled with this comment, and as the deadline nears, I still find myself half hearted. I do not approve Kinder Morgan expanding their pipeline through Canada and least of all through B.C. Sp...
Letter of Comment on TransMountain Expansion - A4S3R1   Date: 2015-08-17
Slik, David

The potential environmental and socio-economic effects of the proposed project, including any cumulative environmental effects that are likely to result from the project, including those required to b...
C356-8-8 - Appendix 10 - FVSAH2014 - A4Q1V6   Date: 2015-05-27
Tsawwassen First Nation

For details of open seasons on wildlife and other hunting and firearms regulations, refer to the British Columbia Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis, available wherever hunting licences are sol...
A3H8J5 - ANE May 22, 2013 Submission   Date: 2013-05-22
Alberta Northeast Gas, Limited

National Energy Board of Canada, RH-003-2011 Page 1 of 17 TransCanada PipeLines Limited, NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd., Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd. May 22, 2013 Application for Review and Variance of Natio...
D217-61-1 Wier, Josette - Letter JRP- April 5, 2013 - A3G6Q1   Date: 2013-04-05
Wier, Josette

I was alarmed to see no less than the Department of Justice, file propaganda material including a press release to “inform” the JRP and alerted the Process Advisory Team about it. The material was re...
C8-5-3 - Attachment 1 - Consultant Report dated July 2012 - A2Y0R9   Date: 2012-08-28
Manitoba Pipeline Landowners Association (MPLA)

B&A opinions expressed in this report are based on the information which we reviewed in these documents and the 80+ man-years of experience and expertise in the corrosion and corrosion-control field o...
A2U0Q3 - Leismer_to_Kettle_Screening TC comments   Date: 2012-06-13
Adam Downing
C2-6-1 - CAPP Cover Letter to Written Evidence March 9 2012 - A2Q9J5   Date: 2012-03-09
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Mark Drazen and Ron Mikkelsen, Drazen Consulting Group, Inc. plus (a) a nonlive copy of their model, (b) a document setting out information related to their variations case, and (c) a few supporting d...
King, Ryan - Stephen Harper has said that he would like Canadians to decide the fate of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project - A2L1Z8   Date: 2012-01-18
King, Ryan

As a Canadian, I do not believe that this project benefits the Canadian people and our country. The potential of damage to the west coast by far outweighs the financials gains, which will mostly goin...
D42-7-43 - Council of the Haida Nation - Haida Marine Traditional Study Volume 2 Seascape Unit Summary Part 3 - A2K4C3   Date: 2011-12-21
Council of the Haida Nation

Marine resources that may be harvested in this seascape unit year-round include: lingcod, halibut, herring, rockfish, clams, rock scallops, and abalone; many of these species are very important in the...
A2J7U8 - Why Arctic Ocean oil drilling is a risky choice   Date: 2011-12-13
Christopher O'Brien

Oil companies are now moving offshore into the last hydrocarbon frontiers -­‐ deepwater and the Arctic Ocean. As decisions are made on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean, we need to understand ...
A1Z1C3 - 2011 05 09 Northwest Mainline Komie North Environment Canada FCR Response   Date: 2011-05-09
Environment Canada

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C204-1 - Shannon, Dave - Written Comment Form A1U6V0   Date: 2010-09-20
Dave Shannon

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C209-1 - Steelhead Soc of BC - Written Comment Form A1U6U4   Date: 2010-09-20
Steelhead Soc of BC

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C124-1 - Gillis, Mimi - Written Comment Form A1U6U0   Date: 2010-09-20
Mimi Gillis

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C228-1 - Vulcano, T - Written Comment Form A1U6U8   Date: 2010-09-20
T. Vulcano

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C199-1 - SC Branch 129 - Written Comment Form A1U6U6   Date: 2010-09-20
SC Branch 129

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