Travel and Hospitality Expense Reports

Current Employees

* Beauchemin, Christine, Counsel
* Brown, Rebecca, Counsel
* Charlebois, Jean-Denis, Professional Leader Economics
* Cornea, Dana, Director
* Cozma, Mihaela, Director
* Davies, Philip, Member
* Dutcher, Erin, Executive Support Advisor
* Erickson, Anne-Marie, Tech Leader, Socio-Economics
* Fox, Jim, Vice President, IEIABU
Futoransky, Paula, VP, Projects
* George, Louise, Asst Secretary of the Board
* George, Roland, Member
* Gitersos, Helen, Counsel
* Hamilton, David, Member (Temporary)
Jansen, Ed, Group Leader, Security
Lapointe, Sandy, EVP, Regulatory
* Loewen, Chris, VP, Field Operations
* Marion, Sylvia, Director
Mercier, Lyne, Vice-Chair
* Parrish, Shane, Member
* Steedman, Robert, Professional Leader Environmen
Watson, Peter, Chair/CEO
* Wiebe, Wanda, Financial Reporting Analyst
* Wong, Sharon, Regulatory Officer
Young, Sheri, Secretary of the Board

Former Employees

* Allen, Susan, Business Leader, Corporate and Info Solutions
* Audino, Diana, Counsel
* Bateman, Kenneth, Member
* Beall, Kathleen, General Counsel
Bédard, Sylvain, EVP Trans & Strategic Engmt
Booth, Glenn, VP People & Knowledge
* Bruce, Sandra, Director
* Bulger, John, Member
Caron, Gaétan, Chair/CEO
Cohen, Rob, EVP, Law and General Counsel
* Cox, David, Associate General Counsel
* Deliencourt, Fred, Geological Specialist
Donihee, Jim, Chief Operating Officer
* Dutil-Berry, Claudine, Technical Leader, Environment
* Dybwad, Carmen, Member
* Emes, Deborah, Member
* Enderwick, Peter, Counsel
* Fisk, Julie, Counsel
* Fowke, Margery, Counsel
* Goodall, Byron, Information Management Architect
* Habib, Georgette, Member
* Hanebury, Judith, EVP, Law and General Counsel
* Harrison, Rowland, Member
* Hudson, Andrew, Counsel
* Katarey, Valerie, HR Specialist, Learning Development
* Kenny, Brenda, VP People & Knowledge
* Kereliuk, Jamie, VP, Energy Adjudication
Kharé, Pradeep, Chief Operating Officer
Leggett, Sheila, Vice-Chair
* Lever, Gregory, VP, Field Operations
* Lozynsky, Kristen, Counsel
* Mantha, Michel, Ex Advisor to the CEO for the 50th Anniversary
McCarthy, John, BL, Strategy and Analysis
* Morales, Jane, Regulatory Officer
* Pinsent, John, VP Performance & Results
* Quarshie, Elizabeth, Member
* Robert, Chantal, Engineer
* Rodier, Ryan, Counsel
* Roy, Denis, VP Performance & Results
* Saunders, Jody, Professional Leader Legal
* Smyth, Patrick, VP, Field Operations
Théorêt, Jean-Paul, Vice-Chair
Touchette, Josée, Chief Operating Officer
* van Egmond, Chris, Director
Vollman, Kenneth W., Member (Temporary)
* Wallace, Ron, Member (Temporary)
* Young, David, Director


* No expenses reported to date